Pollock Gallery opened its doors in 2012 and has become known as a centre for supporting some of the areas emerging artists as well as more well-known artists.

Director Barbara Wright has a team of artists who run the Gallery, artists whose paintings, photography, sculpture and art installations are on display and on sale.

Engaged with the local community

The Pollack Gallery is proud of to be engaged with the local community. In addition to the exhibitions, we run a range of artist-led workshops for all ages from making to digital stop-motion for children to beginner ceramics, advanced colour mixing for oil and much more. The gallery has grown to become an award-winning hub of inspiration.

Pollock Gallery has been particularly recognised for its presentation, superb customer service, the range of the artworks available and our team’s knowledge and expertise.

As a contemporary art gallery, Pollock Gallery is open to the general public without charge. We often hang solo shows, whilst also curating group shows with a message about a certain theme, trend in art, or group of associated artists. Pollock Gallery also represents exclusive artists, giving them opportunities for regular shows.

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As an artist-run space, the selection process for artworks can also be more democratic than the single decision of the director. Pollock Gallery has a board of directors and support staff who select, and curate shows by committee, particularly in cases of art installations where there is no commercial aim.

At the Pollock Gallery, the exclusive artists we support include Kelsey Reynolds from Adelaide TAFE and Gabrielle Lane, who has a Master of Arts (Curatorial and Museum Studies) from the Adelaide Central School of Art has also curated a show around the theme of Dreaming in Colour.

We have exhibitions that push the boundaries of photography in an increasing digital age, with work from Dan McCabe, Andrew Dearman and Justine Varga. Paintings both abstract and political from Sabina Pieper and Steve Fricker and a trio of artists with very different ways of dealing with colour on canvas, Clare Maria Wood, Mary Jones and Rachel Williams.

Aside from paintings, sculpture and photography, Pollock Gallery also supports art installations that change the perspective of the space and handmade crafts. Handmade jewelry is the perfect Xmas gift for a woman and you can find some awesome items here.
The very nature of the Gallery’s architecture makes it ideal for what is known as new media such as video, sound, performance, immersive virtual reality and the internet.

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About Barbara Wright

Barbara Wright is acknowledged as a business woman as well as an artist, leading the way of excellence in the art business in Australia. Her aim is to keep creating and showcasing outstanding art, craft and sculpture.

She gained her degree in a mixed media arts’ course in 1994 and her MA in Arts Criticism in 2001. A professional artist since 1994, she established an artist workspace in 1996 which has led to the founding of the Pollock Gallery.

Barbara’s work has been featured in the press, including Elle Decoration and Homes and Gardens as well as in exhibitions at home and overseas, including the UK, Taiwan and Japan.

The gallery building

The Pollock Gallery is part of a transformed a former public swimming pool that includes other community spaces. It is the industrial spaces of the baths that now accommodate the new gallery space. This formerly hidden piece of the area’s social history has now brought public life back to the building.

Artistic Production

The building also houses a theatrical centre, making it a building for artistic production and exploration.

Diverse and distinctive showrooms

A double-height project space at the centre of the Gallery is used for installations, while the bath's cast-iron water tanks have been preserved and made accessible. In contrast to the atmospheric space around the water tanks, there are two top-lit white-cube galleries, offering a variety of diverse and distinctive rooms for display, with contrasting qualities of light, varying proportions, different levels of finish and a range of environmental qualities.

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